Progo launches it's first travel backpack in Kickstarter

The team at Progo is excited to announce that they’ve launched their very first design on Kickstarter, giving the world a glimpse at the innovative Progo carry on backpack. The campaign also gives people around the world a unique opportunity to reserve their Progo before the general market.

Progo is passionate about creating sensible travel bags for modern people, and the Progo backpack offers features such as a removable built in vertical shelf, a Bluetooth device tracker, shoe and camera compartments, and more.

The Progo carry-on offers smart, organized storage space for shoes and more all inside a durable, weatherproof bag. According to the Progo team, the Progo backpack offers 4 main features that no other carrying bags provide: an integrated and removable accordion shelf that can be detached for hanging in the closet in seconds; a separate shoe compartment to divide clean and dirty garments and shoes; a hidden pouch for money, ID cards, passports, and other valuables; and a Bluetooth tracker to give users extra peace of mind should they become separated from their bag.

In addition, the Progo offers a laptop/iPad compartment, toiletry and accessory pouches, sunglasses carrier, ear bud pouch, bottle pouch, cable (USB/charger) output, and a carabiner.

Thus far, Kickstarter supporters have helped raise 25% of Progo's financial goal in less than 24 hours. Once the goal has been met, Progo will continue with production to ship and deliver its very first Progo bags to consumers in approximately May 2016.

Pledgers are receiving early bird Progo bags, free worldwide shipping, and other rewards.

“In order to bring the Progo bags to your life and make your travels smoother, we need to meet our factory's minimum order quantity requirement; and this will only be possible with your support. By making a pledge, you will secure yourself the best travel bag in the world and use it in good health for a very long time…now that’s priceless... Thank you,” said the ProgoGear team.

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About ProgoGear

ProgoGear is passionate about delivering innovative, sensible luggage for modern travelers. ProgoGear’s flagship design, Progo, is now live on Kickstarter, giving the world a glimpse of what the company has in store. More information can be found at