ProGo Travel / Camera Backpack


camera gear bag
Godsend for Photographers
Now  you can easily take all your camera gear, protected and organized, every where you go. The ProGo backpack comes with velcro padded dividers to accommodate all your camera gear.

Pack Your Clothes in A Snap!

Charge on the Go!
Charge all the electronics in your bag at once anywhere there is an outlet. Simply insert your power bar into the power bar compartment, and plug the main cable into the outlet on the wall. That easy! (Power bar not included)

It's also a Hand-Held Bag
2 is better than 1. Easily turn your backpack into a hand-held bag with the ProGo hide-away strap system.

Hide Your Valuables
Keep your passport, wallet and other valuables safe by storing them in the ProGo Backpack’s hidden Pocket. 

Dedicated Laptop / Tablet Section
Carry your laptop (up to 17") and tablet in the dedicated padded compartment located in the back of the ProGo backpack.

Anti-Theft Device
Never lose your bag in a busy area. With the bluetooth anti-theft device, your ProGo backpack and your valuables will always be with you.